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Red: Arc of a circle,  y = sq rt[ 1 - (x-1)^2], where x is a percent.

Red:    Arc of circle thru (0,0) and (1,1); center: (1,0)

Royal Blue: Average of Red & Green, the Perfect curve                              

Orange: The Great Grading Curve, which approaches the Perfect Curve.

Warning: Never use  y = { x + [ 1 - (x - 1)^2]^.5}/2 or y = x^.56

       Before TGGS, confusion, chaos, fear and despair circled whenever a hard and challenging test was assessed.  With TGGS, peace and tranquility surfaces and caring students are academically inspired and motivated.  To review and correct a test is a very enlightening period of growth for students and the TGGS adjustment is a fitting reward.