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Revised, TGGS is a subset of grading curves from the family y = x^s, where x is a % and  0 < s < = 1.  In particular, y = x^.65 is the generic curve which is very similar to the original average curve described in this website and shown in top graph above. 

The Great Grading Scale executes "How to grade on a curve" and  is offered to educators who will give a hard & challenging test that partitions the learners.  So teachers, Teach More, Expect More, Give Hard & Challenging tests, and Use a TGGS spreadsheet to adjust percent scores.  Since perfect tests are rare, it is fitting to give a little slack to students; thus, caring students may learn to "Trust" that they will be guarded from potential despair.  Consequently, higher academic achievments may be forthcoming from serious and academically talented students as well as those requiring specific test modifications.  Remember, to review and correct a challenging test improves the learner and validates that each TGGS adjustment is earned.     

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