About Me

About Me

R.W. Alexander, Ph.D.

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With 35 years in public education and 14 years in private education, I retired as a part-time math educator in June 2014.

As a former teacher I understand the difficulties in challenging students, while conforming to schools’ expectations. The frustrations of doing so led to the development of The Great Grading Scale (TGGS). Early in my career I taught Algebra 2 and received complaints following a difficult test. The principal called me to his office, closed the door, and masterfully counseled me to adjust the percent scores using the square root scale on my slide rule. This led me to refine this by using the cube root scale. Years later I derived a natural log scale, which immediately prompted me toward the average of the four grading scales. Seven years later, a renewed interest drove me toward the final transformation expression:

$$t = x^{(.65)}$$

I enjoy discussing TGGS, and hearing about your experiences with it. If you have any questions or feedback feel free to reach out to me. Below you will find links to email me as well as to my profile on LinkedIn.